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CBD Mixtures

Updated: Feb 8

CBD carries 3 important mixtures that are very important when using CBD...

1) Isolated- Isolated CBD informs you that this product contains 99% CBD which means you're receiving the full benefits of CBD..

2) Broad spectrum- is a mixture obtained from the extracts from the hemp plant after the extractions it undergoes another process to remove all traces of (THC) from it that leaves it with different cannabinoids,and terpenes which makes the benefits even more pleasurable...

3) Full spectrum- a mixture quiet similar to broad spectrum but not the same.. Altho full spectrum contains a good amount of CBD like the first two it also includes other cannbinoids such as (THC)... The THC level is 0.3% a percentage that is legal in the United States and is not enough to get you high, but is very efficient when treating many health conditions.

Knowing which mixture is best for you will help when it comes to receiving the best benefits from your CBD products.. even tho all 3 is Great choosing wisely makes the outcome even more fulfilling...

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